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Wall-mounted Bike Rack - Upper Detail View
Vertical Bicycle Storage Rack - Front View
Wooden Bicycle Rack - Side View

Vertical Wall-mounted Bike Rack

Ergo-BKR Rigid Unfinished Cherry

$ 139.95

Our Wooden Wall-mounted Bike Racks offer an attractive, easy-to-use, no-lift design. They are a practical and clever Indoor Bicycle Storage Solution due to their vertical space-saving design which takes up less space and their ergonomic shape that allows you to store your bicycle with minimal effort. No-lift required! This unfinished, but lightly sanded bicycle rack with stainless steel hardware will store your bike with your own touch of style. It is ready to be customized to your personal preference. Paint it, stain it, or just leave it naked. It is crafted from solid and veneer Cherry hardwood sourced from U.S.A. domestic forests. For the safety of your bike as well as passersby, a patented safety retention strap has been added to the bike rack.

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