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Wall-mounted Bike Rack - Upper Detail View
Vertical Bicycle Storage Rack - Front View
Wooden Bicycle Rack - Side View

Vertical Wall-mounted Bike Rack

Ergo-BKR Rigid Medium Cherry

$ 89.95

The bicycle racks offered as discounted items fall outside of our acceptable range. They have failed our quality inspection for cosmetic, rather than functional, reasons. They are still very solid, structurally sound items. But because of their imperfections, we opt not to sell them at full price but offer a great price break. The details of the cosmetic defects vary by item, therefore cannot be specified. The product may have excessive inconsistency in appearance due to uneven stain, wood knots, plywood patches, sanding burns, cracks, chips, scratches, or dents. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. This Wooden Bike Rack features a medium Cherry stain over genuine Cherry hardwood sourced from U.S.A. domestic forests, stainless steel hardware, and a patented safety retention strap. Both the wall plate and the two round cross-spacers are 100% solid Cherry hardwood and the two profile side plates are 3/4"-thick Cherry veneer plywood.

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