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four maple rigid racks in use

Top Shelf Racks!! - Purchased four maple rigid racks for the family's mountain bikes. ERGO offers OUTSTANDING customer service, quickly addressing pre-order questions and any other matters. The craftsmanship of the racks is EXCELLENT, and the racks are aesthetically pleasing. Installation instructions and the process are both user-friendly. Look no further if seeking high-quality materials and ease-of-use with a vertical-mounted bike rack.

Mark M. - California


I've been using one of the Ergo Retractable Bike Racks for a while now. And I gotta say that I love it! It's very well crafted, and a neat design. Plus, the folks over at Ergo Bike Racks are awesome to work with.

Ashley - Hogansville, Georgia

Our customers rock. Thanks for the feedback!

I saw these racks last year at a local area bike race. Nice people. Great concept. Seem to be well built and strong. I look forward to them offering a wider rack to fit my fat tire bike.

Brian - Atlanta, Georgia


Well designed product. The retractable bike rack folds flat against the wall when not in use. It's easy to set the bike in the rack only minor pushing required. Great quality bike rack. Excellent Customer Service. We will buy from them again.

Doug - North Carolina


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