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Wall Mount Bicycle Racks

Wooden Wall-Mounted Bike Racks with an Ergonomic No-lift Design!

Innovative Wall-mount Vertical Bicycle Racks for both the avid cyclist and the weekend warrior!

We sell furniture-quality wood style bike racks with an exclusive ergonomic no-lift design. All of the bike racks feature a vertical wall mount design with a unique geometric shape engineered to let you store your bicycle with minimum effort. You just have to ease your bike into the rack's cradle-like structure by gently rolling the front wheel into the bike rack's arms and let gravity do the rest. You can conveniently store mountain bikes, road bikes, hardtail or dual suspension, hybrids, and commuters. These racks fit any size bicycle from 24-inch wheels to 29-inch wheels, and some BMX bicycles. The thoughtful vertical design of our indoor bicycle storage solutions will help avoid common damages such as paint chips, scratches, or frame damage or rim damage because there is zero contact with the bicycle's frame.

Our wooden bike rack collection includes two distinctive designs: The beautifully crafted Rigid Bicycle Racks which complement any up-scale urban apartment, flat, home, shop, or even your garage. And the Retractable Bike Racks which offer an exclusive folding and collapsible design, to extend the rack open for use and collapse it closed when not in use to save space. All of the bike racks are crafted from wood that is either "FSC®" Certified from USA-domestic sources or from verifiable managed forest sources.

Our bicycle storage racks are protected, on the whole or in part, by U.S. Patent # 9,056,640.

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